Other Disabilities

Many Mental and Physical Disabilities May Prevent You from Working…

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has its own unique set of rules for determining disability.  These rules are an endless source of confusion to medical providers who want to be helpful, and a great frustration for claimants who are denied and don’t understand why.

To be found disabled under Social Security or SSI standards, we must prove that our clients are unable to sustain full-time employment. Most other disability insurance programs require only a showing that a person is unable to return to former work.

SSA calls its standards for disability the “Listing of Impairments.” It is a part of the Code of Federal Regulations, and is available online.  In this relatively short document, disability standards are set out for most physical and mental disorders.

The “Listings,” as they are known, are fairly comprehensive. Some claimants may fit exactly into the listings, or be found disabled under a combination of listed impairments, based on inability to sustain any full-time employment.

If you are not working, and have a disability, the next step is to look at whether you “meet” the Listing of Impairments. The most valuable contribution I make to a case is my experience, which encompasses knowing our local resources and exactly what Social Security needs to allow a claimant to win. I ask the right questions, and so I get the answers, in terminology Social Security will recognize as valid. I can help you navigate this daunting system. Call my office to arrange a free consultation.